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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They're On Their Way...

More and more pictures surfacing on the internet of supposed sneaked pics of underground bases to bold UFO remote controlled drones hovering in the sky....

I don't know what's legit and what isn't out of it all. What is apparent is the fact that as they (aliens) have said themselves they would make their presence more known on earth or our gov is trying in their own way to condition the people of their existence. Yahweh (Yeh Ho wAH) keeps telling me 'they're coming."

The "Ascended Masters" are always threatening to make themselves more and more known on earth whether our gov wants them to or not. In fact they have been battling with the gov for years over control of the New World Order. Both factions have their own plans as to how to implement it and who will run it until Lucifer takes over it as the world ruler.

If Bush doesn't get us involved in a war with Iran, Maitreya will. The coming "messiah" that the Iranians and Moslems have been waiting for and warning everyone of his impending arrival. When Maitreya arrives he's going to plunge the entire world in war. So whether it's Bush or Maitreya doing so the people of this world need to prepare for themselves for shortages, famines, plagues, pestilences, etc...and to protect yourself and your family from invading armies, soldiers, "peace keepers" that will just harm you.

Bush has almost effectively depleted our entire country from our armed forces and continues to attempt to demolish them completely so that the UN can have America without an American military presence here. They've been moving in UN equipment since the 1990s to fulfill their plans of a UN takeover of America...and our presidents have allowed it as they are all in cohoots with globalization and a UN takeover of the entire world.

We don't have to be sheep to the slaughter. It's insulting to think we'd have to be. The commandment "thou shalt not kill" reads in the original "you will not kill unjustly" In other words, don't murder someone out of anger or forethought, but prepared to defend yourself against those who want to hurt you and kill you...and the UN wants to do both.

There's a big difference between murder and self-defense.

Snap out of the mind control....snap out of the apostate doctrines religion has lulled you to your deaths with. That's why Satan has his biggest and best mouthpieces leading the churches you'll go to your deaths without a fight or wimper because 'they said so.'

Yah's real people will not be drinking koolaid and stopped taking religous sleeping pills a long time ago, if they ever did to begin with.

Snap out of it folks.

Remember Masada?

The Lord's people never attempted to take over a ruling government once they were enslaved to one...they simply created their own communities and lived separately from the ruling apparatus going into the deserts if they had to.

We can't overcome the evil and ruling apparatus of our government and that is why we need to be creating communities away from it. Get off the grid, let them enslave themselves and tax themselves to death. Let them eat their own. Yah's people need to band together and get away from what's coming...

Judgment is coming...and we know it's coming, so we need to get away from it and plan accordingly.

Do I know what Yah will do? He's already told me that many people he's blessed with finances to help create such communities and havens for His people have given their money to the wrong people because they didn't seek HIM they did what they felt was right in their own eyes. Not much time left folks..

Seek Him..we could end up being on our own..His true Elect will make it either way...Yah will protect His Elect while the churches and Christians head to the slaughter...because they refuse to do anything else to change their demise.

Yah bless His Warriors..

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